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Established in 1970, EVA Glory is an expert foam innovator and manufacturer, and aim to supply the best foam material to diverse industries. With continuous foam material development, our team obtained the key in the field of shock-absorption material, successfully developed the best protective foam material NITREX in 2002.

As a leading company in shock absorption foam material in the world, we listen, and we understand specific application needs for our clients. EVA-Glory keeps innovation and loves to deliver solutions to protective applications from general purposes to highly customization. We are proud to say, this is what makes NITREX unique and different.


EVA-GLORY established

EVA-Glory was established in Taichung, Taiwan, aim to supply the best foam material to diverse industries

Entering Orthopedic Industry

Orthotec foam series successfully entered orthopedic footwear market.

Entering Equestrian Equipment Market

OEM Equestrian therapeutic saddle pads.

NITREX Shock Absorption Foam Successfully Developed

NITREX® The most comfortable & shock absorption foam for extreme sport protectors. The tangible testimony is our customer's back protector with NITREX® liner won the Best Buy Award in product test of motorcycle magazine.

Body Protector OEM Service Starts

OEM body armour with NITREX® inside.

More Application for NITREX Foam

OEM removable lightweight NITREX® body armour for motor rider jacket.

NITREX for Head Protection

NIKE BAUER HOCKEY adopts NITREX® for the liner of Ice Hockey Helmet.

EVA Glory Continues Development in ECO-Friendly Material Research.

Introducing innovated DeCoTo Plant foam into market– Save Energy & Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission.

NITREX Continuous Innovation

Introducing IX Series (Z-SHOCK) of NITREX® into market (the most flexible & comfortable shock absorption foam).

OEM Partnership Growth in Protector Market

Thanks to all the brands and design house who use NITREX in their protectors, NITREX has good reputation and is widely applied in many different sports protective equipment.

Advanced Formula Innovated Makes IX series Expanded with Better Performance

With continuous innovations, EVA Glory makes NITREX with better performance in low temperature applications.

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Established in 1970
Business Type NITREX Supplier / OEM Manufacturer
Markets World Wide
Main Products NITREX shock absorption material, viscoelastic material
Location Taiwan
Factory No. 33, Hsiang Ho rd., Tan Tzu Dist., Taichung City 427, Taiwan


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